Next Steps

Congratulations on LOCKING-IN your branding!

Whether you are beginning your journey with this agent or looking to enhance your relationship, we will do our part to create multiple opportunities to interact with the agents.

What should you do next? Go to and request a report on your own home, or someone you know well. You will find it interesting and you will be more valuable to the agents if you have insight on how it reports trends.


  • They will see your contact information on every page
  • So will their client when the agent present the report
  • You will receive an email notification the moment agent receives their report

We would encourage you to follow up with the agent TODAY now that your banner will be appearing. Loan officers are always looking for ways to interact with agents, thus this is a great opportunity. 

We would encourage you to send this outline of the email below to the agent as soon as you have LOCKED them in.

Dear Agent,

Would you have 10 minutes or so to review this Realtor product? I have actually used it to review a property and found it quite extraordinary. There is no-cost to you, but I believe it is remarkable how effective it is helping agents WIN listings.

Check out and click on the AGENT button.