var zoom=document.getElementById('zoom').options[document.getElementById('zoom').selectedIndex].value; Similar thing happens when you adjust the distance between the tubes. var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; if(tmodel!='') A bit heavy. }. jQuery(document).ready(function () { {// code for IE6, IE5 //alert(forma.innerHTML); } //alert(tmodel); It proves that the SLC series’ renown is fully deserved and a forced slimming down of binoculars doesn’t always do you good. The pair of binoculars comes with a 10-year warranty period. if (document.getElementById('przetest').checked) ptest="&przetest=1"; Mechanically, the binoculars are made of anti-allergic and odourless material, comfortable to hold. Mint shape. According to the manufacturer, these coatings make the light losses on any air-to-glass surface lower than 0.2%. var url=""; var ptest=""; //alert(start); Very clean. function g_ll() The Swarovski SLC 10x42 W B 58310 is a sturdy, multipurpose pair of binoculars. if (xmlhttp.status==200) $65.76 shipping. SWAROVSKI Optik 15x56 SLC Series Water Proof Roof Prism Binocular with 4.5 Degree Angle of View, Green 4.5 out of 5 stars 28. } var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. Only 42 mm and 56 mm models remained in that line and they have undergone modifications during the last several years. Na trhu se sportovní optikou od roku 2002. xmlhttp=null; The purchase Includes: Swarovski Optik SLC 10x42 Binoculars, Field Bag, Eyepiece Cover, Objective Lens Cover, Lift Carrying Strap, Swarovski Optik Limited Warranty 10x Magnification, 61-degree apparent field of view HD Optical System: fluorite-containing glass offers 91% light transmission, enhancing color fidelity and brightness The first SLC 8x30 model was launched already in 1989. You have to buy optional adapter. Whilst not class leading and falls a little short of the 10x42 EL, for a 10x magnification, it is still pretty good. } "); var wartosc = wartosc_sel; //alert(tmodel); Everything black and matt. It proves that the SLC series’ renown is fully deserved and a forced slimming down of binoculars doesn’t always do you good. Produced in Austria. Huge, ribbed central wheel which full working range amounts to as much as 780 degrees. return wyb; var out=document.getElementById('model'); All the optical elements are covered by high quality multi-layer anti-reflection coatings (SWAROTOP/SWARDOUR on lenses and SWAROBRIGHT on prisms). var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; } var start = d.getTime(); //alert(tmodel); Purchased for out of state hunt that got cancelled. //alert(tab[1]) Exemplary. This product has been discontinued. { The close focus distance specified for the Swarovski SLC HD binoculars is 6.2ft/1.8m for both the 8X42 configuration we tested and the 10x42 configuration. } I recently purchased these a few months ago, used them only twice. var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; A distinct incline of the transmission line was eliminated and its value increased so, in the centre of the visible spectrum it reaches a high level of 92-93%. var pryzmat=document.getElementById('pryzmat').options[document.getElementById('pryzmat').selectedIndex].value; window.location='index.html?test=obiektywu&test_ob='+tab[1]; if ( jQuery.browser.mozilla ) { In 2011 we tested the Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB HD which, almost three years ago, was superseded by the Swarovski SLC 10x42 W B. xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); No Exports Due to government regulations and/or manufacturer stipulations we are unable to export this item outside of the United States. { Better optics, better focusing mechanism and less weight to name a few. var tab=tmodel.split("test_ap"); function set_url(wartosc_sel,cel) } For EL 10x42, see the photo below. var tab=tmodel.split("test_ob"); The EL O-Range offers the best combination of long-range optics and ergonomic design. If the weight and dimensions aren’t your priority you might consider buying the cheaper Zeiss Conquest HD which additionally features a wider field of view. Distance of the first curved line from the field centre compared to the field of view radius: 42% +/- 4%. Small and handy, noticeably smaller than the EL Swarovision. I need the money more then the binos, otherwise I would love to keep them. } var url=set_url(wartosc_sel,cel); var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; Nowadays the situation is a bit different. function OptyczneAjax(wartosc_sel,cel) { var d = new Date(); //var wyb= document.getElementById('model').options[document.getElementById('model').selectedIndex].value; var d = new Date(); {// code for Firefox, Opera, IE7, etc. {// 4 = "loaded" var url=""; if(tmodel.match("test_set")!=null) } /* */ //alert(xmlhttp.responseText); var srednica=document.getElementById('srednica').options[document.getElementById('srednica').selectedIndex].value; You will enjoy these rugged, ergonomic binoculars for many years. What’s interesting the minimum focusing distance became noticeably bigger. if(url!="") url+="&tokensid="+tokensid; Choose the Swarovski Binoculars optic that you would like to have for your Phone Skope kit. Blur occurs in a distance of 92.5% +/- 4% from the field of vision centre. Reflecting surfaces are covered by special dielectric and phase-correction coatings. Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB - dalekohled Swarovski SLC 10x42 W B je spolehlivý univerzální dalekohled. var pix=document.getElementById('pix').options[document.getElementById('pix').selectedIndex].value; url="ajax.php?cel=test_lornetka&producent="+prod+"&lornetka="+wartosc_sel+"&powiekszenie="+powiekszenie+"&srednica="+srednica+"&pryzmat="+pryzmat+"&typ_pola=model"+ptest+"&token="+start; } Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB Binoculars THE SOLID, MULTIPURPOSE BINOCULARS. var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; if (cel=="test_obiektyw") var start = d.getTime(); The housing was changed but also new antireflection coatings were added. if(tmodel.match("test_ap")!=null) ptest="&przetest=1"; [CDATA[ */ //alert(tab[1]) } So I did a risky thing and ordered one over the phone … } Inner tube gray and matt. The 42 mm objective lens size is considered the most useful as an "All Round" binocular size due to their size, weight and performance. Swarovski EL O-Range 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars. /* ]]> */ } var d = new Date(); }); Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB HD Binocular 58310; Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB HD Binocular 58310. var d = new Date(); //alert(tab[1]) Even the high distortion level was added a bit by force to the “cons” list - the binoculars’ result was, in fact, medium (5 points out of 10). } { ptest="&przetest=1"; xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); var tab=tmodel.split("test_set"); if(tmodel!='') var powiekszenie=document.getElementById('powiekszenie').options[document.getElementById('powiekszenie').selectedIndex].value; The transmission graph is worth a closer look – apart from the housing and the mechanics it is the main difference between the tested binoculars and their predecessor. var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; sharp image almost to the edge of the field. //alert(tab[1]) var forma=document.getElementById('forma'); var tmodel=document.getElementById('model').options[document.getElementById('model').selectedIndex].value; No tripod exit. else return false; The results of the Swarovski SLC New 10x42 are difficult to flaw. C3-101-I. var ot = {"adminUrl": '/', "gallery_id": "", "galleryCat": "", "imageUrl": 'images/', "cssUrl": 'css_new/', "themeUrl": '/'}; } Low intensity. if(tmodel.match("test_ob")!=null) It could have been even shorter because the objectives’ elements are hidden inside the tubes over 1 cm deep. a bit too much rubber armour on the housing. $1200 shipped, $1235 shipped paypal. When it comes to binoculars and spotting scopes production the company has belonged to the world elite for several dozen years. function test_ap_go() var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; } var moc=document.getElementById('moc').options[document.getElementById('moc').selectedIndex].value; What exactly is new with these next generation Swarovski SLC binoculars for bird watching? { var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; perfectly circular exit pupils on almost black background. else var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; } else return false; var d = new Date(); The range includes all the features that you would expect from a Swarovski binocular, including HD High Definition optics for a crisp, clear image with razor sharp outlines and natural colour. Swarovski SLC 10×42 WB. var ptest=""; var d = new Date(); function test_ap_go() It is illegal to copy or redistribute any information found on this site in any way without the expressed written consent of CO-NET Robert Olech, Zeiss Victory SF 8x32 – first impressions, Hands-on review: Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85 spotting scope, Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 – first impressions, Fujinon TechnoStabi 16x28 – first impressions. {// 200 = "OK" The new SLC has a rugged and sturdy design within a brand new style casing. } function OptyczneAjax(wartosc_sel,cel) Dens HD- og fluorlinser giver en lysstyrke, der er i stand til at give fremragende … Swarovski SLC 10x42 HD-kikkert er designet til enhver brug. The rubber next to the objectives sticks out a bit and it seems there’s too much of armour in that place because the focusing wheel sometimes catches on it and you hear a squeal. { function state_Change() var ot = {"adminUrl": '/', "gallery_id": "", "galleryCat": "", "imageUrl": 'images/', "cssUrl": 'css_new/', "themeUrl": '/'}; var d = new Date(); if (cel=="test_aparat") xmlhttp.send(null); ptest="&przetest=1"; var forma=document.getElementById('forma'); imperceptible brightness loss on the edge of the field. jQuery(document).ready(function () { if (window.XMLHttpRequest) function g_ll() RUGGED MATERIALS. } Free shipping on many items ... Swarovski Optik 58310 SLC 42 10x42 W B Green Hunting Multipurpose Binoculars. var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; I have used these for the past eight years. $1,599.00. var srednica=document.getElementById('srednica').options[document.getElementById('srednica').selectedIndex].value; { xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=state_Change; Apparent field of view of 62.7 deg (according to simple formula) and 57.4 deg (according to tangent formula). This model also stands out for having a large field of view and being extremely rugged thanks to its magnesium housing. var start = d.getTime(); var tokensid="b1f1a39754651940820004c452477757d01aab720024949aec55b7d72db61359777f8bccbc5e945d" Odborné poradenství zdarma, možnost osobního vyzkouÅ¡ení, záruční a pozáruční servis, garance rychlého dodání. { alert("Your browser does not support XMLHTTP. var start = d.getTime(); { else /*

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